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Creates fuller brows
A lifted and in shape effect
Suitable for all brows
Very effective on thin brows, as well as thicker brows
Great for stubborn brows
Sets all hairs in shape
No products needed
Make-up is not necessary for up to four weeks
Longer lasting
Up to 6 weeks
Covers the skin
Fills in between your hairs as well
Suitable for all types
Color will be adjusted to your wishes
Stimulates collagen production
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Smoother, younger looking
Good for various skin concerns
Treats sun damage, acne and scars
Curls lashes
A lifted and curled effect
No products needed
Make-up, like mascara is not necessary for up to six weeks
Tint for color
Black colored lashes

Frequently asked questions

You can always modify your treatment if you're uncertain about what to book. Our staff is available to offer expert advice, ensuring your satisfaction with the results. We tailor the treatment entirely to your preferences.

You have the flexibility to reschedule or cancel your treatment up to 24 hours before your appointment without any charges. However, if changes are made within this timeframe, a 50% fee of the treatment cost will be applied. In the event of a no-show, the full amount of the treatment will be charged.

We accept debit and most credit cards. We do not accept cash.